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Wood Floor Refinishing,
Sanding & Staining

At Royal we insure the very best! As a dust containment system we provide a clean, safe and echo- friendly environment. Offering competitive prices in both POLYURETHANE & WATER-BASE FINISH in satin, semi-gloss and high gloss finish. With an array of many stain colors to choose from in the dura seal or minwax stains we are confident to meet all of your needs.

Installations of Unfinished or
Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Installations are considered to be the more labor intense part of the hardwood flooring process. At royal we specialize in custom craftsmanship that last for generations to come. Thanks to advanced technology in Milling techniques hardwood flooring is more  affordable today than ever before. So why not increase the value of your house by adding Hardwood floors from so many available options to choose from. we work with all major distributors to give you the highest quality and best pricing available for all of our clients. At Royal we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of our installations.

Buffing & Recoating
Hardwood Floors

Buffing and recoating hardwood floors is the most cost effective option. That’s providing of course the floors are still in good enough shape where we can restore them back to their natural luster and beauty. At Royal we can restore the natural beauty of your hardwood floors without the expense, mess, time or trouble all in one day. So give us a call and make those old floors new again!

Restoration & Repair

Restoration takes a high level of competence requiring a high degree of difficulty. I can personally say from my own experience it usually takes several years to master this. Learning how to deal with a wide range of repairs from asbestos,fire, flood and even mold damage takes a dedicated skill to meticulously interweave into existing floors for a seamless match.

Custom Work

This kind of work is considered the ultimate upgrade in the hardwood flooring industry. Here we work with contractors, homeowners and architects a like to execute a rather unique and extraordinary look for that special “one of a kind” look.  (Such as but not limited to borders, inlays and medallions.)

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